Fun and Strengthening

Bungee workout

On these lessons you will learn a short choreography, wiggle into the music, fly around, burn calories and enjoy a lot of fun.
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Birthday parties, Teambuilding

Bungee rehab

These classes are meant for people with problems with lumbar spine, knee joints or other limitations, that may be a restriction in other sports.

About us

We are the first and only studio in the Czech republic with a license for exercising Bungee workoutTM.


Come and try the fitness novelty in which you not only sweat and burn calories but you also have a great deal of fun and enjoy the experience of flying .

Bungee workoutTM is inspired by circus techniques combined with elements from the worlds of dance and fitness.

You will engage all muscles in your body and most importantly you will strenghten your core muscles while exercising Bungee workoutTM. It is a combination of cardio training with power training and we aim to make it fun for you!

Our trainers

Exercise is more fun then you thought!

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Price list

Group exercises

from 130Kč


  • Various types of exercise
  • Duration between 45 and 90 minutes based on chosen exercise

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Have fun and experience the grace of movement

Who can exercise Bungee workout

practically anyone!

Anybody who has the wish to exercise, have fun, try flying or try something new and unique is more than welcome in our studio.

Age is unimportant, all you have to do is to pick the right difficulty. Classes of Bungee Workout can be quite demanding. If you are unsure of your physical capabilities or you are of higher weight or age you can choose Bungee Workout easy. Hanging system and suspended floor make exercising possible even for people that have for example problems with lumbar spine or knee joints which make them otherwise unable to participate in sport activities. Such people have to choose classes of Bungee Rehab.

Exercise isn’t suitable for pregnant women because belt can is fastened over the belly.

Main benefits of bungee workout

save your joints and bones

Thanks to the hanging system and suspended floor you go easy on your joints and so even people that have difficulties with other sports (especialy when caused by pain in knee joints or lumbar spine) can exercise.

Workout and exercise effectively

You exercise against the resistence of a flexible bungee rope, fastened around your hips, so you will burn way more calories than during other sport activities and you strengthen your core in the process.

Have fun and exceed your limits

During the exercise you will get to fly and try out easiest acrobatic moves. Exercise combined with dynamic music makes workout fun!