Bungee rehab


Lesson is targeted for people who have problems with lumbar spine, knee joints and other restrictions that prevent them from exercising of other classic sports. Lessons are led by a physiotherapist who will try to lower the impact of above mentioned obstacles.

You can absolutely sure that you are in the hands of an expert during these classes. Our physiotherapist Veronika will pay attention to everyone individually and help you get to the right positions designed specifically for your needs. Rehab classes are therefore suitable even for those of you that have some movement limitations. Typical limitations as sore hip, knees, back or neck that could rule you out of majority of normal sports aren’t a restriction here. However, you have to go slow. For Veronica to be prepared for you, consult your limitation with her beforehand. Rehab is also for those of you that want to take a slower and more precise approach.

  • rehabilitation
  • advancement of mobility
  • exercising in a fun way