Bungee Workout


On these lessons you will learn a short choreography, wiggle into the music, fly around, burn calories and enjoy a lot of fun.

Exercise is lead by our certified instructors.

  • learning a choreography
  • dynamic movement
  • calorie burning
  • advancement of mobility
  • exercising in a fun way

Lesson Types

Bungee workout – beginners

These lessons are for those of you who are still getting to know Bungee. We will learn few basic steps which we will combine into a short choreography during our common 75 minutes. You will discover how to use the bungee rope, strengthen your core and how to breathe properly during exercises.

Bungee workout – advanced

You already know which leg to use when jumping up and how to correctly get into a Dive? Then it is time to try advanced class. We will put together a whole choreography and you will learn technically more difficult exercises. However always consult progress to advanced class with bungee instructor.